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Recipe for "Crispy Cornflakes Chicken"


Eat this Triple C while its still hot because when it turns cold, there is no longer crispiness.


Chicken 5-6 pieces
Wheat Flour 10 tablespoon
Eggs 3
Cornflakes 1/4 or 1/2 packet (depends on your chicken)
Paprika 1 teaspoon
Salt Depends on your taste
Cooking Oil Or Any Kind Of Oil That Suitable To deep fry the chicken



Clean the chicken with fresh water. Then, put aside.


Smash or blend the cornflakes. At the same time we still want to see the texture of the cornflakes. Just make it a little fine.


Prepare 3 plates. 1st plate, mix the flour,paprika and salt. 2nd plate, beat the eggs. Add some salt into it. 3rd plate, put the smashed cornflakes.


Heat the your wok or pan and add on the oil. While waiting for the oil to heat , you can prepare your chicken


Here comes the fun parts.First step, roll over the chicken in the flour, then deep into the eggs. Lastly roll over the chicken into the cornflakes.


After that, when the oil is ready, put your chickens. Wait until it turns into yellow golden then its ready to be served! Enjoy your meal !