Practical tips on writing recipes

  1. Title

    You are advised to provide a proper title of your cooking which portrays and describes the ingredients that you used including with the steps, preparation time and your unique stories behind the recipe.

  2. Image

    You may upload some interesting photos of your cooking to make it more attractive. However, there are some regulations to be obeyed.

    i) Photos must be genuine, not taken from any website and not violating any copyright laws.

    ii) Photos are not for commercial purposes.

    Following are some tips to make your photos more attractive:

    i) Take photos with sufficient lighting hence your photos will be more cleared.

    ii) Experimenting with different angels and several shots until you get the best one.

  3. Story behind the recipe

    There are always stories to be told behind something. Same it goes to your recipe as well. Tell your inspiration behind the cuisine to make it more unique and attractive.

  4. Preparation time and portion

    Provide the estimation time to prepare and cooking the dishes. Please provide the total portion per serve of your recipe.

  5. Ingredients

    You are advised to provide the list of ingredients accordance with the order of ingredients should be prepared and cooked first. If your recipe is quite complex and hard to be written, you may split it into several subcategories.

  6. Cooking steps

    You are advised to provide the cooking steps accordance with the order and try to make it simple and easy to be understood. You may mention if it involves some changes of texture, color and taste. Such as, 'Fry the chicken wing until it looks golden brown outside'.

  7. Tips

    You may provide tips specifically for the recipe such as which ingredient could be replaced with another cheaper or better option.

  8. Double check

    Please double check your recipe to make sure there is no any mistake and the most important is your instruction is easy to be understood. Not forgotten the title, ingredients, preparation time, portion, cooking steps and tips.

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