Is a very famous Korea mixed rice :)

Prep time 20 minute(s) Cook time 20 minute(s) Total time 40 minute(s) Yield 1 serving(s)


Make sure the rice is hot


100 g beef
1 omelette-thinly slices
2 cm carrot-thinly slices
1 handful spinach-cut into 2 cm length
1 handful beansprout
1 clove garlic-grated*
To taste korea soy sauce*
To taste korea red pepper paste
A bowl hot rice
To taste salt*
A bit white pepper*
1 fried egg


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Try recook this recipe and share with the owner and us



Wah comel je telur tu bentuk bunga :D

7 years ago • Reply

Hehe..Tq =)

7 years ago • Reply

mcm sedap je.. nak buat lah nnt.. korea red pepper paste tu nak dapat kt mana lak ye?

7 years ago • Reply

Sedap N ringkas.
Mcm nasi goreng yg xda minyak.
Korea red pepper paste tu sy beli mase ada korea fair.
Rasanya dekat Aeon ada :)
Try la.

7 years ago • Reply

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