Wangsa Wild Bee Tualang 1000

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Wangsa Tualang is absolute delicious and nutritious. We offers high export quality of Tualang, which packaged under stringent control and certified by HACCP, Halal, Mesti and GMP. We have exported to Brunei, SIngapore, China, and US.

Wangsa Tualang Honey is harvested in the deep virgin forest in Malaysia by our family members who are the descendant of tualang seekers. Tualang Honey is made by Apis Dorsata or The Giant Bees from the branches of Tualang trees (Koompasia excelsa). Tualang trees are very tall trees and can grow up to 85 metres tall. This is wild bee honey (not from farm bee).

Tualang is known for its medicinal healing and breakthrough scientific research for cancer prevention. Treat osteoporosis, osteopenia and menopausal symptoms. Raw, unprocessed, export quality.Research info:

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