2 Ways To Make Bananas Ripen Faster

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koala in the kitchen

Bought bananas but they still on the greener side and you want to eat them fast! Here are 2 ways that I use - one with more patience and the other with less patience involved :p


1. Bag It or Pile It
1. Place the banana together with apples, pears, tomatoes or oranges at a warm and dry area.

You can place all the fruits in a paper bag (or crumple some newspaper and put in a basket) to speed up the ripening process. (I just put my bananas on a basket full of apples)

2. Warm Us Bananas
1. Preheat the  oven at 100 degrees Celcius.
2. Arrange the bananas on a baking pan leaving enough spaces in between and bake for about 30-40 minutes or until the skins have turned a darker shade of yellow.

If you're using the bananas to make banana bread or banana cake, take the bananas out just when some black spots start to appear.

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