Privacy Policy

Article 1 Handling of Personal Information

1. The User agrees that the User's LetsMasak ID, nickname(s) and icon images may be displayed to other Users of the Services for identification purposes on the Services.

2. The Company shall use the Registration Information for the following purposes:

a. enhancing convenience such as customizing advertisements and Contents according to the preferences of each based on information pertaining to the characteristics of each User (hereinafter referred to as "Information on User's Characteristics") such as the User's postal code, gender, occupation, age, Services used hitherto, products purchased hitherto, pages and advertisements viewed hitherto, time of use, method of use and environment of use;

b. providing more suitable, enriching and improved advertisements and Contents of the Services to all Users, as well as for the review of new services and the selection of survey participants based on Information on User's Characteristics;

c. providing advertisers, information providers and service providers with information on what types of advertisements, information and Services can or should be displayed or provided more effectively based on the use of the Information on User's Characteristics for analysis and in the selection of survey participants for the purpose of analysis. The result of the analysis shall not include any personal information that is capable of identifying a User;

d. facilitating the access and amendment of Registration Information as well as viewing of the status of use of the Services by the Registered User based on the use of Registration Information such as name, mailing address, contact address, payment method, as well as the Services used hitherto, products purchased hitherto and the amount paid for such products;

e. transmitting notices relating to Services, delivering prizes and products to and contacting the Registered User by utilising contact information such as email address and mailing address;

f. facilitating verification of the Registered User by utilising personal information such as name, mailing address, date of birth, registered bank account, registered credit card number, telephone number and postal delivery confirmation proving delivery of products purchased by the User;

g. billing purposes by utilising personal information pertaining to payments such as the products purchased, Services used, billing amount received from business partners, names, mailing address, registered bank account and registered credit card number of the Registered User;

h. allowing the Registered User to input data and permittingRegistration Information to be displayed on the Services for the purposes of delivering other services based on the instructions of the Registered User;

i. identifying the Registered User on the Services by displaying the LetsMasak ID and nickname of the Registered User;

j. denying the use of Services by Users who have not made prompt payment or who have caused damages to other Registered Users and third parties, as well as Users who have breached the Terms of Use and used the Services in a fraudulent or improper way by utilizing information that is capable of identifying the User such as the manner of use, name and mailing address;

k. responding to the Registered User by utilising information that are being used to deliver the Services that are requested such as the content of the enquiry, Information on User's Characteristics and usage fees, as well as contact address;

l. The Company's provision to third parties information relating to the state of use of the Services of Registered Users as well as the results of analysis that is incapable of identifying any User. Information that is capable of identifying any User shall not be included in the results of the analysis.

3. The Company may at its sole and absolute discretion sub-contract or outsource the handling of the Registration Information to third parties and disclose Registration Information of Users to such third parties for this purpose.

4. The Company shall not disclose any Registration Information to third parties without notifying and obtaining an approval from the Registered User of the purpose for which the Registration Information will be disclosed and/or used.

5. Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions, the Company may disclose Registration Information if such disclosure is required by applicable laws and regulations or is required or necessary in the Company's proper exercise of its rights and the performance of its obligations under the Terms of Use.

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