Practical Tips to ‘Recook’

Recook is a feature we provide in Let's Masak that allows you to share your experience with the recipe and make more variations such as replacing, adding or reducing certain ingredients in the recipe when you have tried.

How to Recook?
  1. Choose the recipe that you want to cook.
  2. View and start cooking according to the recipe. You might want to try something slightly different from the recipe.
  3. Take some quality photos of your cuisine (please refer to the Tips on Writing Recipe to get some tips of taking quality photos)
  4. Share your experience with the recipe by clicking the "Recook" button.
  5. Please choose the best photo and upload it by clicking on the "Upload Photo" button and start writing you experience that you want to share with others.
  6. Please double check to make sure there's no any mistake and click "Publish" to publish it.

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