Fettuccine Pasta With Chilli Tuna & Swiss Brown Mushroom

I love chilli tuna, and usually I eat them with bread. Then one day I accidentally discover that it can be cooked with pasta. I just give it a try and I'm loving it!

Prep time 15 minute(s) Cook time 10 minute(s) Total time 25 minute(s) Yield 2 serving(s)


You can use any type of pasta like linguine, spaghetti, penne, fusilli or any pasta sold in the market.

You can also add-on any kind of seafood like shrimp or squid.


Setengah pack pasta fettuccine
10 biji swiss mushroom (dipotong)
20 biji tomato ceri (dipotong dua)
Setengah tin chilli tuna ayam brand
Secukup rasa garam
2 tangkai daun parsley (cincang halus)
5 sudu besar minyak zaitun (olive oil)
4 - 5 cawan air untuk merebus
2 sudu butter


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