Strawberry Chocolate Cheese Bread Butter Pudding With Vanilla Custard Sauce

Twist from the ordinary bread butter pudding. I make it more fun to eat dan yg pasti tak muak dan tidak rasa hanyir telur

Prep time 15 minute(s) Cook time 45 minute(s) Total time 60 minute(s) Yield 10 serving(s)


You can add anything you like, any jem you loves. nyummm !



Bread Butter Pudding
1 large pack roti putih ( i used gardenia )
700ml full cream milk
Spread on bread butter
Spread on bread strawberry jem
20g cream cheese
20g chocolate coin
4 noss eggs
1/3 cup castor sugar ( boleh kurangkan)
100g butter cookies
Vanilla Custard Sauce
1l full cream milk
1/2 cup castor sugar
2tbs custard powder
3tbs corn starch
2tsp vanilla pod / extract / essence (i used extract)


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