Vinegar Chocolate Moist Cake With Peanut Butter And Chocolate Garnache Frosting

Recipenya rumit tapi sangat berbaloi dicuba. Garing diluar dan lembut di dalam.

Prep time 30 minute(s) Cook time 50 minute(s) Total time 80 minute(s) Yield 10 serving(s)


Jika adunan kasar, blend dan tapis.


Bahan A
500g butter
10 tbsp cocoa powder
2 cawan air
Bahan B
2 tbsp cuka
350g susu cair
Bahan C
480g tepung gandum
2 tbsp soda bikarbonat
Bahan D
4 biji telur (a)
400g gula kastor
1 tsp vanila esen
Secukupnya peanut butter
Chocolate Garnache
170ml whipping crream
30g cocoa powder
80g coklat masakan
30g butter
50g gula


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